Gloc-9, or “Aristotle/Aries” in real life is a rap artist with R-E-S-P-O-N-S-I-B-I-L-I-T-Y.

While many rap and hip-hop artists attain fame by shouting out obscenities, Gloc-9 makes it his mission to bring a more positive message to his audience.

Whether in the native Filipino language or English, his music speaks of experiences that can be learned from. Gloc-9’s lyrics are as real as you can get, yet dishes out a bit of wisdom for those who care to listen closer. His music is life education wrapped in a package that is dynamic and conversational, making him what he is as an artist.

Catch his tracks from his CD-lite “Limang Kanta Lang”. Compositions include “Ano Sa Tingin Mo” and “Excuse Me Po”. Gloc9’s shout-out to the youth can be summed up by one track entitled “Ako Ay Ikaw Rin” – He believes that what he’s achieved as an artist is no different from what others can achieve if given the same circumstances.

Dubbed as the fastest rapper in the country, Gloc-9 has released his self-titled and highly anticipated debut album under recording giant Star Records. It is no secret to Gloc-9 aficionados that this guy can easily rap up to 200 words per minute. So fast yet so clear, that one can easily understand and relate to the words he is expressing.

For Gloc-9 (or Aries Pollisco in real life), rap is an expression — an expression of both his thoughts and emotions. A story of what he went through or is still going through now, especially of what he dreams of becoming in the not so distant future.

“The name Gloc-9 was given to me by a friend, Ronald Solanga of Death Threat,” according to the artist himself. “It was probably associated to me because of the way I rap — the speed, the clarity of the words,” he added. Gloc-9 went on to share that, “It was when I heard the song Cold Summer Nights of Master Rapper Francis M., that I got inspired and decided to get into rapping.”

All the songs in the album were either written or co-written, arranged and produced by Gloc-9 himself. It includes the massive hits Isang Araw; Jologs; Sayang; Simpleng Tao; Hinahanap Ng Puso; Sikat Na Si Pepe; and the duet Bakit, which he performed with Cookie Chua for the 2002 Himig Handog Love Songs Competition. It also includes Banal Na Aso, the theme from the TV series Nginiiiig.

His song Isang Araw received an award for the BEST RAP RECORDING from Katha and Awit Awards. Incidentally, industry bigwigs once again recognize Gloc-9’s talent, creativity and music artistry. He has earned nominations for Favorite Male Recording Artist and Favorite Music Video (for the song Sayang) in the MTV Pilipinas Video Music Awards 2004, as well as for Best Rap Recording in the 17th Awit Awards.

“Being recognized for my craft is an honor enough for me,” Gloc-9 reveals. “I live for music. It’s an expression of what I am and I’m happy being where I am right now.” Gloc-9 is just like his hit single “Simpleng Tao” in real life.

He is cool, fun-loving and indeed very simple despite the fact that he has already marked a niche for himself in the music industry. He doesn’t have airs and keeps his feet firmly planted on the ground. His friends and co-workers all agree that Gloc-9 hasn’t changed a bit even with the fame and fortune he is amassing right now.

With all the achievements he has earned, Gloc-9 cements his reputation as one of the country’s finest and fastest rappers.

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